What type of role do you recruit for?

We have expertise in the majority of areas for recruitment within Accountancy Practice at all levels of seniority from Trainees to Partners and everything in between. We operate with specialised teams, each with their own dedicated expertise.

  • Tax
  • Accounts
  • Audit
  • Payroll
  • Bookkeeping
  • Outsourcing
  • Executive Appointments
What location do you work in?

​We predominantly service the Home Counties - Kent, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Middlesex as well as Central London, Essex and East Anglia with consultants dedicated to each area. However, our overall reach is national.

What firms do you work for?

Over many years of successful dealings, we have developed excellent relationships with some of the most prestigious accountancy firms in the country. This includes most of the Top 10 and Top 100, as well as a plethora of lesser-known independent and boutique practices.

Who should i talk to?

We have a large staff of knowledgeable Consultants and Researchers who are all ideally positioned to assist in your search. Please consult the list below to find the most relevant contact to meet your needs:

Executive Search

James Done | Associate Director | james.done@aj-chambers.com | 020 3817 8132

Accounts and Audit in Central London

Adam Munro | Principal Consultant | adam.munro@aj-chambers.com | 020 3817 8130

Danielle Lentell | Senior Consultant | danielle.lentell@aj-chambers.com | 020 7183 2668

Kieron Whitehead | Lead Researcher | kieron.whitehead@aj-chambers.com | 020 7112 9292

Cody Palmer | Researcher | cody.palmer@aj-chambers.com | 020 7096 9022

Outsourcing, Bookkeeping and Payroll in Central London

Craig Eldret | Senior Consultant | craig.eldret@aj-chambers.com | 020 3889 8845


Matthew Lawford | Associate Director | matthew.lawford@aj-chambers.com | 020 3817 8131

Jonathan Gedda | Senior Consultant | jonathan.gedda@aj-chambers.com | 020 3889 8844

Nicholas Peer | Lead Researcher | nicholas.peer@aj-chambers.com

Leon Maulguet | Researcher | leon.maulguet@aj-chambers.com | 020 3889 8844

Essex, East Anglia and Hertfordshire

Darren Buckley | Associate Director | darren.buckley@aj-chambers.com | 01702 256025

Scott Golding | Senior Consultant | scott.golding@aj-chambers.com | 01702 410413

Billie Vallance | Researcher | billie.vallance@aj-chambers.com | 01702 256026

Max Evans | Researcher | max.evans@aj-chambers.com | 01277 285790

Kent, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Middlesex, Sussex

Jason Reynolds | Principal Consultant | jason.reynolds@aj-chambers.com | 020 3817 8133

James Young | Consultant | james.young@aj-chambers.com | 020 3817 8135

Kathryn Abbott | Researcher | 020 3817 8136

Why Aj Chambers?

The relationships we have built with our customers, our expertise as accountancy practice specialists, and the level of care and dedication we put into helping our customers are just some of the reasons to choose AJ Chambers.

Our approach at AJ Chambers is unique. We pride ourselves on building authentic relationships with every person we work with. We work hard to ensure the roles we offer to you match your ambitions and support your future career progression. Our researcher model means we maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of the public practice market opportunities and trends.

Do you meet with your candidates?

We always strive to meet our customers where possible as we find it results in a much better understanding as to what their requirements are in searching for a new role. This will lead to a much smoother process for us, them, and for you as the client.

As we operate on a national scale, it is understandably not always feasible to meet our customers face-to-face. Our video conferencing suite allows us to meet with customers wherever they are based.


Contact one of our experts today.