The Chambers Group team have recently been seeking new ways to get actively involved within the local community and what better way to do so than getting ourselves down to the local soup kitchen and offer a helping hand? Over the years volunteering has been on the decline, with fewer people taking the time to help those less fortunate than themselves. It is with this in mind that Lauren Hunsdon organised for the Chambers team to go and do their part within the local community.

With the cold nights setting in thick and fast we headed down to One Love Soup Kitchen to offer a hand in the kitchen and serving the food to those less fortunate. As it turns out, one of the downsides of a young, dynamic workforce is that a number of our colleagues weren’t exactly well-versed in the culinary arts, and so it seemed that we had a mountain of a task on our hands to get the food all prepped in time for a 7:30pm service. From teaching people how to peel potatoes, ensuring no one cut off a limb, and making sure the food was seasoned to perfection, we had a long way to go with very little time to do it.

As we all know, we don’t like to do things by halves at the Chambers Group, and that’s an attitude that we certainly took into the kitchen at One Love, tasking ourselves not one but 5 separate dishes for the evenings buffet. We made a beef curry, a traditional spaghetti bolognaise, a hearty cottage pie, an oriental chicken stir fry, and a delicious vegetable pasta bake. It’d fair to say it probably wasn’t the smoothest run kitchen in the world, and I doubt we’ll be taking a Michelin star home anytime soon, but we did manage to band together and churn out a veritable feast for those in attendance.

When it came time to serve the food, this went down much smoother than the prepping. As those who attended the soup kitchen came in to eat the freshly cooked food it became apparent how difficult it must be for those who haven’t got the comfort of their own home to go to after a long day. Those that attended were grateful for the bit of food they were able to get at One Love, with many requesting boxes to takeaway in order to keep them going until they could get their next meal, something in which we all take for granted. It is clear how much One Love does for their community providing backpacks with fresh, clean clothing, warm nourishing food and a safe place for them to clean before finding somewhere to stay for the night.

The Chambers team would like to thank One Love who opened up their kitchen to us with wide arms and showed us how far a helping hand within the community can go. It goes without saying that as a firm we look forward to our next visit. The evening really resonated with the team here at the Chambers Group, with Apprentice Researcher Jess Dodman stating ‘The evening helping at One Love was a lot of fun and an eye opening experience’. A point reiterated by the Manager of our Legal team Andrew Day, who found that ‘It was nice to give something back, it was good to see all the food was fresh and nutritious’.

Thank you to everyone in the team; Lauren Hunsdon, Caitlan Warne, Riley Webber, Andrew Fragnito-Day, Andrew Hilliard, Tom Sharland-Harris and Jess Dodman, for sparing your evening. It goes to show that no matter how busy the office is everyone has a moment spare to lend a helping hand.