It was Jason Reynolds' turn to bring his dog Freddy in for our monthly 'Bring your dog to work day'! Freddy has thoroughly embraced working life and has not hesitated to introduce himself to our clients via telephone!

At AJ Chambers we haven’t introduced #OfficeDogDay just because of the undeniable cute factor and our love for the fluffy creatures, but we are also aware of the amazing benefits our colleagues experience from bringing a dog to work.

Although it could be seen as a distraction, having a dog at work is proven to boost productivity levels of your workforce along with lifting morale amongst members of the team.

Work can get tough, especially when you are as dedicated to your profession as we are here at AJ Chambers, so by taking short breaks to spend time with the dog, you give your brain a mental breather and can return back to work feeling refreshed! This is due to a Dog’s ability to lower stress, heart rate and blood pressure, so you could be creating a healthier and happier work force!

With the dog becoming a mutual shared interest in your team, having a dog around can help bond members of the team by creating new conversation starters and therefore increasing cooperation.

Let’s not forget, our furry friends are more than happy to accompany you to the office, as they won’t be left alone whilst you are at work and will receive endless amounts of attention and love!

However, there are undoubtedly drawbacks to having pets around in a professional work environment. The most obvious being distraction! Your dog will need to be attended to throughout the day, for walks and toilet breaks, which can take you and your colleagues away from your work, running the risk of being behind on deadlines or even coming across as distracted and uninterested to clients. The other issues that a dog in the office may incur are allergies, possible property damage and there is always a risk in dogs being unpredictable.

It would be great to see everyone’s opinion of this! Would you bring your dog to work? Or, as an employer, would you allow dogs in your office?

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