Congratulations to our Director of Corporate Finance, James Done, in reaching his 2 year anniversary with us here at AJ Chambers! Since James started, he has brought enormous change and development to the company which can be seen in the construction of the Corporate Finance Specialist team! 

Our Managing Director, Andrew Hilliard, ruminates over James’ time at the company: “JD’s character to achieve what he has over the last two years is truly remarkable.  Other than being a top level professional with nearly two decades of specialist recruitment success: we have recently discovered that James was quite the ‘raver’ in his younger days and happened to happens to have super-human arm wrestling strength!”

One of our new starters to AJ Chambers and the Corporate Finance team, Ryan Lockwood, speaks about his experience working alongside James as someone new to recruitment: 
“New to AJ Chambers and recruitment, James has made me feel very welcome and comfortable and I have thoroughly enjoyed my first month here. I’m learning new things and becoming more confident every day and hope to continue my progress in the following months.”

Recruitment Consultant of Corporate Finance, Aaron Butcher, talks about his time working with James: 
“Coming from no recruitment experience whatsoever it has not only been extremely helpful but also really enjoyable working with James.”

A fantastic achievement James and a great way to start the year, are so excited to see what there is to come from Corporate Finance in 2019!