The Benefits Of Having A Dog At Work 

At The Chambers Group we have a weekly ‘bring your dog to work day’ where a chosen employee will bring their dog into the office. This initiative is a firm favourite in the business and we find that it lifts stress levels as well as improves moods. We’ve rounded up the top reasons why we feel bringing your dog into work is a great idea.  

Office Morale

If you’re having a particularly challenging day, a dog will provide constant support for your employees whatever is going on in their work or personal lives. Dogs also encourage conversations between colleagues. In a big firm, this can be a great way to connect with people and other team members. 


A mental health foundation have said that by caring for an animal, it can help your mental wellbeing. Having a dog by your side can help reduce stress levels. Studies have shown that when you pet an animal, your heart rate slows to a calmer speed. Brain breaks can also help your wellbeing and how well you can focus, especially if you have a load to do. With a dog in the workplace, it can loosen the overall stress levels.   

Increases productivity 

Employees could actually end up getting more work done by having a dog in the office. Having regular breaks to take the dog out can end up being really great for your physical and mental health. It encourages people to take frequent breaks and because of this, it will help their state of mind and productivity for the rest of the day.  

Please do let us know your view point on this as we believe welcoming our furry friends into the office has tremendous benefits for the company.